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Revitalizer Oil


Our Nail Revitalizer Oil pen is a great tool to be in your bag. Cold and dry season really dries out the cuticle and skin, making them thirsty for an extra moisturizer. With our revitalizer oil pen, you can rehydrate them easily any time, any place.

The oil inside the pen is a unique natural revitalizing complex blend of  fruit extractcalciumsafflower oil and  vitamins to nourish, moisturize and protect the cuticle and nails. Vitamins B-5 will penetrate the nail surface and carry calcium and vitamins to the nail matrix. Aside from the rich ingredients on it, the application is easy. Just twist the pen and brush the oil on your cuticle then massage it gently. Do it whenever necessary. 
  • 100% Natural & Safe on Skin
  • Vitamins B-5 combined with calcium and vitamins to  strengthen  the nail
  • Makes your nail polish last longer.
  • Repair  & revitalise your nails & cuticle.
  • No more broken nails.


  • 1 Bottle = 10-day treatment
  • Recommended use for visible results: 10 days
  • Recommended use for optimal results: 20-30 days
  • 15  flavour available.
  • This patened carrying complex is a sure way to get these important ingredients and nutrients directly to the nail matrix.
  • Package include: 1x Nail Nutritious Oil


How to use?

Brush on your cuticle lightly and message gently 3-4 times a week. You will achieve longer, stringer and beautiful natural nails. Great for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, acrylic nails, etc. to create a fresh image.


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