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Vintage Lord's Prayer Cross Bacelet

As a way of giving back to our wonderful Christian community we have just now introduced our blessed bonus bundles :)...


Are you a devoted Christian who loves to show their faith?

Do you love the Lords Prayer? 

Then you will love our new Vintage Our Lord's Cross Bracelet.

With the incredible response we had with the Spanish version of these bracelets on Bounce Deals we decided to dedicate our new store to Our Lord and get the English version made.



  • Choose between Black and Brown and let your faith stand out strong at your next Church service.
  • Features the full Lord's Prayer engraved in English with flow-on text style.
  • Size is 19cm + 8cm adjustable length which makes it perfect for both children and full-grown men and women.
  • Priced low so you can show your faith and start conversations about the Lord without breaking the bank.


Worldwide Shipping:  Available.