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Lord's Prayer Dog Tags Stainless Steel

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Keep our Lord close to the heart with this perfect symbol of Faith and Protection for any man or woman serving their country.



  • The Lord's Prayer is engraved on a stainless steel gold/gun-metal black plated dog tag. The silver stainless steel dog tag features a cross shaped cut-out so you can show your faith for the lord wherever you go and know that the necklace won't tarnish or stain. 
  • The dog tag set comes on a 20 inch adjustable 18k gold plated/stainless steel necklace. 
  • The core of the tags are made from strong and durable stainless steel for a long-lasting source of faith and protection for its wearer.


Share the faith of wearing the Lord's prayer with a friend or loved one and give as a gift for their birthday or special occasion. 


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