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Anti Cellulite Vacuum Silicone Cups

The beauty and health secrets of more than two thousand years of history.
What do you want to do about improving your heath? Cupping will give you the easiest treatment.  
-Weight loss, Accelerate blood circulation
-Eliminate toxins from the body, Activates the lymphatic system (waste-disposal)
-Improve your inner well being and your skin appearance
-The best deep tissue massage myofascial release tool

How to use:
Step 1: Put some anti cellulite lotion or massage oil or cream on the target skin area.
Step 2: Put the cups on the skin and gently squeeze the cup in the middle, then put the cup lips to you skin and release to create a vacuum.
Step 3: Begin by applying a light suction and increase the amount of suctions gradually to stimulate circulation. Gently move the cups over the skin using straight line and circular movements, massaging for 8-10 minutes per target area.
Step 4: Repeat all the steps above everyday for the best results.

- do not use cups with blood clotting disorders. 
- in the case of bruising and swelling caused by bruises or sprains do not use cups with 24 hours after the injury.
- do not use on damage skin especially on open wounds.
- pregnant women not to put large cups on stomach and do not use high-pressure suction.
-when the people are very skinny and in small children do not use near shoulders