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20 In 1 Outdoor Multitool Survival Key Organizer

Tool features an easy, portable solution for all of your everyday tools. Equipped with 20 different tools combined into 1 multi-tool. These tools include a quick release clip, bottle opener, cutting blade, pry bar, wire stripper, nail clearner, box opener, large flat driver, medium flat driver, eyeglass screwdriver, medium Phillips screwdriver, small Phillips screwdriver, bicycle spoke wrench, measuring ruler, 1/4" wrench, 5/6" wrench, 3/8" wrench, 1/2" wrench, and a 9/16" wrench. Designed with 420 grade black stainless steel for a sleek look and equips a gold plated revolving disc allows tools to be exposed while in use, so they are never in the way when you don't need them.  


  • 5 kinds of size wrench, 3 sizes screwdriver, 2 Phillips screwdrivers, Nail puller, wire strippers, manicure cleaning knives, nail rub, sharp cutting knives, Measuring tools, bicycle wrench, bottle opener, Serrated cutter with elastic key ring buckle function
  • Quick Release Clip, Bottle Opener, Nail Cleaner, Large Flat Screwdriver, Medium Flat Screwdriver, Small Flat Eyeglass Screwdriver, Medium Phillips Screwdriver
  • Material: Gold titanium coated disc, black stainless steel body, K5 carbon steel blade
  • Size: length 85 × width 25mm