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Hyperion Sport Face Mask

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Our Sport Face Mask is designed based on people face outline. It is shaped with open hole on the noise part to make you breathe more smoothly. It is durable and wind-proof that protects the face and neck when you are riding a motorcycle, skiing, skating or even mountaineering.                                                                                                                       



  • Material: Fleece
  • One Size Fits All (Kids and Adults)
  • 100% Breathable Microfiber Polyester (Keeps you warm while staying thin)
  • Keeps you warm in Winter and reduces humidity in Summer.
  • Wicks Fast / Wind Resistant
  • Great for outdoor activities


  • Very warm and lightweight to wear. Easy to put on and take off.
  • Fits above the ears and nose while still keeping the full neck covered. Perfect protection against cold, snow, wind and sun.
  • New ventilation system will keep you breathing easily and eliminate mouth odor.
  • Unisex for Men & Women.


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